Pregnancy – The Less Obvious Ways It Affects the Body

We’ve all heard of the “pregnancy glow.” But sometimes the hormonal shifts, body changes, and strange symptoms that accompany pregnancy can leave you feeling less than radiant. Here are four completely normal (albeit less commonly talked about) side effects of pregnancy and ways you can cope with this wonderful, crazy life stage!


  1. Spider Veins

The increase in blood volume paired with hormonal shifts can cause your veins to become more noticeable. Furthermore, spider veins can become more pronounced when one stands for extended periods of time. Therefore, if you’re feeling fatigue, sit down and let your body rest. If your job and/or lifestyle requires you to be on your feet a lot, wearing compression socks can help you alleviate the visible symptoms. Many times, the veins will disappear after your delivery. However, if they don’t, some cosmetic procedures (like injections) can remove them.

  1. Hormonal Acne

It seems unfair; why should you have to deal with acne on top of the rest of your body’s changes? However, you should know that this pregnancy symptom is entirely common. If you see breakouts occurring around your mouth and chin, there’s a good chance that your acne is due to your hyperactive pregnancy hormones. If you’re concerned, talk to your dermatologist about the recent breakouts. Hopefully, your doctor can prescribe something safe for pregnant women, or at the very least, offer some advice. Remember, drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet can help keep your skin in check.

  1. Melasma

If you’ve ever heard anyone refer to “the mask of pregnancy,” they’re talking about melasma. These are brown facial spots result from changing hormones, and they generally appear on the cheeks, chin, and sometimes forehead. Too much sun exposure can aggravate the condition, so remember to practice adequate sun protection. This should include SPF, protective clothing, and limited time outside. The good news: melasma is usually a temporary condition that with subside after delivery. Chemical peels and facials can be a good solution. Many spas offer safe and affordable treatments that can even skin tone and leave you glowing.

  1. Stretch Marks

This is a common concern among pregnant women. And in this case, the best approach might just be preventative. Be sure to use coco butter and/or coconut oil throughout your pregnancy in order to keep the area moisturized.

Also, getting enough exercise will help to prevent rapid weight gain, part of the cause of stretch marks. (Stretch marks are the result of the skin being pulled so much that the fibers tear, causing red marks.)

Unfortunately, genetics play a large role in the development of stretch marks. If the women in your family have them, there’s a good chance you’ll develop them, too.

And if you end up getting them, don’t worry! Stretch marks are merely proof of your strength and feminine power… a testament to the fact that you carried a human being around inside of you! And if you’re really bothered by their appearance, you can always undergo laser treatments post-pregnancy.

What do you think?

Have you experienced any of these pregnancy side effects? Leave your comments (and advice) in the section below. Here’s to a happy, healthy pregnancy and delivery!



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